Digital Image Processing                                                                         


1.      OGE MARQUES, Practical image and video processing using MATLAB

2.      Rafael C. Gonzalez and Richard E. Woods, Digital Image Process, 3rd Edition


Introduction to DIP

Intensity Transformation

Histogram Processing

Arithmetic Operation

Neighbourhood processing

Sharpening Spatial Filters

Image sensing and acquisition

Color image processing

Geometric Transformation and Image Registration

Image analysis



Lab 1,2 Introduction to Matlab

Lab 3 Intensity transformation

Lab 4 Histogram processing

Lab 5 Arithmetic Operation,       ->     Image Data

Lab 6 Neighbourhood processing ->    Saturn image

Lab 7 Sharpening Spatial Filters

Lab 8 Geometric Transformation

Lad 9 Edge detection

Lab 10 Color image processing I

Lab 11 Color image processing II